What flowers to buy?

What flowers to buy?

Flowers are always an appropriate gift across cultures, age groups, and genders.  All it takes to brighten up your home or office is a few pretty blooms. Whatever the space or occasion, there’s always the perfect flower arrangement that matches the need and your personal style. But how do you choose the perfect flowers? Ask yourself these questions to make an impeccable selection that delights everyone.

What is the purpose of the flowers?

If you’re choosing flowers for your own home or office space, your own style should be the first consideration. Do you prefer delicate-looking, thin-stemmed flowers, abstract ones with a sculptural aura, or short and bushy arrangements that just exude charm and joy? Further, look at the space the flowers will inhabit. A gigantic bouquet looks ostentatious and out-of-place in a small cubicle, and a small, delicate arrangement will get lost amidst a lavishly decorated dinner table.

If you’re gifting the flowers, you naturally need to consider the occasion, the recipient’s style and preferences. If it’s being gifted at an event, it’s wise to check if the event has a theme so that it doesn’t look out of place. 

Where are you?

In today’s hyper-connected world where flowers from the world over can be in our hands within a day or two of harvesting, this may seem like an irrelevant question. However, certain varieties are better suited for your particular climate. Most varieties grow the best in unique environments with a very particular temperature range, rainfall, geography, and sometimes even altitude! Selecting a flower variety that grows in a similar environment as the one you will display it in ensures that your arrangement looks fabulous and fresh for longer.  Remember, most air-conditioned rooms mimic a cool dry temperate climate, so delicate flowers thrive.

How are the flowers grown?

The most important factor in ensuring a long lasting bouquet is the quality of flowers; the higher the quality, the longer they last. Flowers’ quality is determined by the grower’s knowledge and technological input. Quality-oriented florists like Rowena Coelho only source their blooms from quality farms with a stellar reputation to ensure this.

What is the meaning the arrangement needs to convey?

We all know that red roses mean love and devotion, but have you ever stopped to consider what other flowers might mean? Through thousands of years, flowers have accrued meaning based on literature, myths, and cultural norms. Floriography is the science and art of conveying thoughts, feeling and emotions through the language of flowers. Although its history stretches back through the mists of time, it became an obsession in the Victorian to learn the unique symbolism behind each flower. For instance, if you had feelings for someone, you’d send them a single red rose and hope eagerly that they didn’t send back a yellow carnation, the symbol for rejection. While dozens of other trends of that era have died out, floriography has continued to grow in popularity.

Every flower is perfect

Each of these floral jewels of nature is unique, gorgeous and perfect and is the perfect fit for a person, occasion and sentiment. To help you with selecting the right flowers, florists at Rowena Coelho’s floral boutique will be glad to translate your feelings into an arrangement that is perfect for your needs.

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