Infinity Rose Succulent Creations

Everlasting Flora

Rowena Coelho's infinity rose, preserved flora and succulent arrangements instantly elevate the look of an office or home. Our easy-to-care-for succulent arrangements are chic and ask for nothing more than being spritzed with water once or twice a week.

Rowena only uses the premium quality infinity roses and preserved flowers that look and feel as fresh as the day they were harvested. This means that your artistic arrangement will continue to fill you with joy for years to come.

Make a bold statement with wall art that combines preserved botanical elements to create stunning conversation pieces. These exclusive preserved flora letters or frames can easily be hung on walls and last for over four years. This means that you can enjoy your bold, impactful floral art for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Walk into our store today to explore the impactful floral art we can make for you.