Basket Of Devotion

Regular price AED 720.00
Regular price AED 720.00

  • PERFECT FOR : A wonderful addition to any home, office or retail space, but is particularly well-suited for shop windows and to break the monotony of store shelves.

  • TYPE OF FLOWERS USED : Lilies, roses, spray roses and asparagus.

  • FLOWER CARE TIPS : Every other day, cut the bottommost ½ to 1 inch of the stem at an angle to help the flowers stay fresh, plump and moist. Then, trim off any foliage that rests below the water line, remove wilted flowers, clean out the vase and change the water in it.

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An impressive cascade of the season’s finest, most opulent red, pink and white blossoms arranged in a captivating tall basket to add a singular appeal to a room. A tall arrangement wearing a crown of fine botanicals, this luxury bouquet instantly bring a space to life by adding a unique warmth and charm. In a home, let it greet visitors with a few carefully-chosen trinkets at the base and watch the admiration light up your guests’ eyes.

We offer same-day delivery all across Dubai. Based on availability, the flowers you will receive will be similar but may not be exactly the same as the image. We pride ourselves on offering the freshest high-quality flowers and that occasionally means making minor alterations based on the best blooms available.